Products Guarantee

Multec Piping System Guarantees against defects in manufacture of material for a period of twenty five years, provided that the installation is carried out by a licensed plumber/gasfitter and in accordance with the Multec Piping System Installation Manual, local and national plumbing codes.

Multec Piping System has received from APPROVALMARK INTERNATIONAL the Australian / New Zealand's Standards Certificate AS/NZS 2492, AS/NZS 2537.2, AS 4176.2, AS 4176.3 and AS 4176.8 which covers all the requirements for water pipes, gas pipes and DZR brass fittings.

Multec NZ Ltd offers a 25 year guarantee and is backed by a products and public liability insurance policy to a combined value of NZD$2,000,000. This policy covers claims made anywhere in New Zealand for personal or property damage caused by faulty Multec product.


AS/NZS 2492-2007; AS/NZS 2537.2-2011;

AS 4176.2-2010; AS 4176.3-2010; AS 4176.8-2010

WM 74517; WM 74547; WMKA 22138; WMKA 22140 and AMI 74550


NB: This guarantee does not cover faulty workmanship or misuse of the product.